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Esentai Fit & Spa

Esentai Fit & Spa presents ultramodern club in the downtown of Almaty – Esentai Mall. In this project, with a total area of 5500 sq.m., introduced the most effective novelties fitness and wellness equipment from the best global manufacturers. Progressive training systems, the convenient schedule of group trainings, exact medical technologies and high standards of service unite in a unique training concept.



World Class

World Class Almaty fitness club opened in 2011 and since then is the most recognized leader in rendering fitness services in a premium segment. During this time we were chosen by more than 7 000 people. The convenient arrangement in the historic and business center of the city together with thought-over infrastructure of the club designed according to the international standards became World Class Almaty the most comfortable sports complex for the most exacting admirers of a healthy lifestyle. We open 365 days in a year from 7 AM to 12 PM and offer a full complex of fitness and wellness programs. To be a member of World Class Almaty means to have access to unlimited opportunities of fitness club of premium class: gym, pool, group programs, martial arts, game sports, children's club, sporting and entertaining events and also many other things. Our mission - promoting of health and improvement of quality life of each of you. We work for successful people who don't represent their life without fitness, beauty and health!



Rakhat Fitness

"Rakhat Fitness" is the first sport fitness club of the city of Almaty with a total area of 12 000 m2. Only in our club there are two pools: 50 and 25 meters which work during summertime under the open sky, thereby turning not only into the place where it is possible to train and to actively spend time but also the place where it is possible to have a rest and cheerfully with friends. Also during the summer period beach volleyball and lounge bars zones are available for you. Fully equipped and comfortable gym, more than 40 types of group programs, professional school of swimming for adults and children, children's fitness of any age and active sport games: volleyball, basketball, football - all this does our club an unique. Rakhat Fitness is a sport with pleasure!



World Class Lite

World Class Lite is not just gym near the house, it is ideology of a healthy lifestyle, healthy nutrition and education the successful person itself. Each clubman – a part of big family of World Class.
Effective trainings
Comfortable fitness club
High level of service
- Address: Almaty, 15 Republic Square
- Operating hours: 7.00-23.00 every day .



Grand Pool Fitness Center

- Total club area is more than 3000 sq.m.
- Pool: length is 25 m, width – 21 m, depth – up to 210 cm. Water temperature +27-28 degrees.
- The gym is equipped with the modern equipment of the American production Cybex.
- More than 30 various fitness programs and group lessons are presented in the club:
* power trainings
* classical aerobics using various equipment;
* functional training with the latest fitness shells;
* mind body programs (yoga, Pilates, stretch)
* Zumba, dances of popular styles
* trekking, cycle
* water programs
- After the intensive trainings it is possible to relax in convenient saunas.
- The certain parking, bicycle parking.



FitnessBlitz (Almaty, Astana)

First club of FitnessBlitz fitness clubs network opened on November 11, 2009 in Almaty. From the very first days and till present work of the company is based on the following three basic priorities:
1. professionalism and love to the business;
2. honesty;
3. high service.
Today the network of FitnessBlitz fitness clubs is:
• perfectly equipped gyms with all necessary things for you: racetracks and bicycles, exercise machines on all groups of muscles, bars and dumbbells, hoops, jump ropes, steps, etc. Also all our clubs are equipped with locker rooms with individual lockers and shower cabins;
• flexibility of your schedule, we don't limit quantity and time of your visits: play sports as many and when you want!
• high level of service at the minimum level of the prices;
• purity and order;
• understanding of your circumstances. Ached? Do you go to a holiday or a business trip? Just laziness? Call and suspend your subscription;
• attention to your opinion: report to us about the complaints or suggestions for improvement of work of club through sms, email or just left a note in a box for complaints and offers and we will do everything possible for your satisfaction!
• meeting place of successful people!
Come and be convinced of all this!



Aqua Fit

We make a healthy lifestyle available for all we form community of healthy and happy people. We increase quality of life of our clients bringing positive changes in their lifestyle.

At your service:
Pool: Length: 18 meters, Width: 2 and 4 meters, Depth: from 120 to 170 cm;
Gym: 3 racetracks, 2 exercise bikes, Elliptic exercise machine, Universal exercise machine for all groups of muscles, Dumbbells from 1 to 10 kg, Step board, A bench for a press;
Saunas: Finnish/Infrared;
Training in swimming of children and adults;
Water aerobics;
Aftertreatment after a stroke.

We work from 7:00 till 23:00 without days off
127/1 Gogol str., Almaty, 0 floor, Kazzhol hotel
Phone: 8(727)250-62-01
Instagram: kazzhol_aqua_fit



 Fitness Park (Pavlodar)

"Fitness Park" sport complex invites you to the cozy spacious hall.

"Fitness Park" is equipped with TechnoGym last generation exercise machines, the pool (length of 14 meters, depth of 1,5 meters), three saunas (infrared, female and men's). We have the best stock for sports activities, a wide gantelny row, a separate cardiozone with modern racetracks, exercise bikes and ellipsoids, a punching bag. In our hall excellent exhaust system, big Smart TV, powerful conditioners, Wi-Fi. Spacious locker rooms with comfortable shower and big lockers. A convenient location with own parking.

Our instructors will help you to pick up the individual program of trainings, to correct your figure, to increase force, muscles or just to be in a tone and also to make a diet which will increase efficiency of trainings many times. Also at your service we have phytobar.

You have a fine opportunity to choose one of three subscriptions on visit of a complex and also to receive semi-annual and annual subscriptions.

Operating mode: from 10:00 till 22:00 without days off



 Vek Olimp

Believe in yourself and embody your dream with us!




Easily! Your desire, a little efforts, councils of professionals and result is not so far. All novelties of the world of aerobics, all best programs for those who want to be sure of beauty of the body !


Professional exercise machines, individual programs, food councils, knowledge and experience of high quality instructors will help you to believe in yourself and to find the beautiful, strong, harmoniously put body.


Step aerobics, water aerobics, training in swimming for adults; power programs with special equipment (HOT IRON, TRX belts), Yoga, the Functional Training, a healthy back, Pilates, Flexible force; Zumba. And also special programs for pregnant women and for persons interested to restore a figure after the childbirth: Fitness mother, Akwa mother. Any of these programs will become available to you .


If you want your children grew clever, healthy and beautiful. Being engaged and playing we will always teach them to be in shape on training in swimming. To master the equipment and to feel the real fighter of the Kung fu, perfect physically and strong spirit - it is possible! Proud bearing, the flying gait, graceful plasticity - all this at choreography lessons!


The maximum result in the shortest possible time! Learn to operate the body at own will!


Our massage will restore your forces, will strengthen health, will reduce weight, will overcome cellulitis and, of course, will lighten your mood!


Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty, 1 Keremet district (entrance from Nauryzbai batyr St.). Phones: + (727) 2379518, 2379519