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Casco Mini


We have made CASCO/hull coverage affordable!

Casco Mini - new insurance program of KAZKOM-POLICY for your vehicle !

Advantages of the Program:

- moderate cost: CASCO/HULL at the price of compulsory motor insurance;
- indemnity up to 1 000 000 tenge;
- Your confidence in compensation of repair costs even if you are guilty in damage of your own vehicle.


Assured persons according to the program: may be physical persons. There may be only one assured in the frames of one insurance agreement. If simultaneous issuance of compulsory Motor Insurance policy and agreement of Casco Mini is made the client receives the additional advantage – the lesser cost of CASCO/HULL Policy.


The following transport is accepted for insurance: vehicles with the date of production not older than 16 years and which have passed the technical test and are registered in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

  • cars,
  • trucks,
  • off-highway vehicle.

It is also admitted for insurance just purchased or brought from abroad transport with Invoice-Certificate or registered Customs Declaration up to its registration in the Road Police.


The following transport is not accepted for insurance:mototransport, buses, construction equipment, agricultural equipment, trailers, trolley buses, trams. As well as transport which is not registered in the Republic of Kazakhstan; with date of production older than 16 years, which is not subject to registration in the Road Police; which participate in sport competitions, in training purposes and test-drive.


Insurance Event according to this insurance program is wreckage or damage of the vehicle as a result of the road accident arisen due to the fault of the driver.


Size of Indemnity will be defined on the base of the amount of the real damage and the maximum size of indemnity is 1 000 000 tenge.


Conditional Deductible:If the size of damage is not higher than 15 000 tenge the indemnity is not paid. If the size of damage is higher than 15 000 tenge the indemnity is paid in the full amount but not more than sum insured.


Road Accident: occurrence arisen in the process of movement of the vehicle along the road and with its participation, when the collision with the other vehicle occurred. The accident is not considered as a road accident when happens the clash (impact) into the movable or immovable objects: constructions, barriers, birds, animals (except vehicles), turnover, waterflooding and falling of any object on the insured vehicle.


Period of Insurance Agreement Validity: is set for 12 months and is valid up to the first insurance event.


Territory: Republic of Kazakhstan